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Our team needs this to tailor your monthly fee based on your accommodation types (click here to see what is included). Please note that this excludes a once off fee to send out a trainer (to your property) and any custom development needs.

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What Does The Monthly Fee Include?

Software and Updates

Your recurring payments cover your usage of The Host each month, and it includes all future updates that are made on a regular basis by our dedicated development team.

24/7 Dedicated Support

You will have access to our support team around the clock and throughout the year. You will not deal with a call centre. Instead, you will have direct contact with our team.

Secure Channel Manager

As part of your monthly fee, you will have access to our channel manager, which can generate website buttons and connect to (live, 2-way synchronization).

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the monthly fee cover future versions?

Yes, it does. Instead of charging our clients for the latest version of our software, your recurring fee covers all future improvements, integrations, features and various bug fixes. When these updates are available, our support team will deploy them.

Does my subscription give me source code access?

No, our software is closed source and only our lead developer has direct access to the source code. This does not affect the way that you use the software; it simply means that a third party developer cannot go in and make changes to our code base and modules.

Why do you charge a once-off training fee?

Even if your staff have many years of experience in the hospitality industry, they have not worked with our software and will not be able to use it to its full potential without training. The fee covers sending a trainer on-premises to teach in the live environment.

Are there any discounts if I pay annually?

Yes, if you pay upfront for an entire year, you’ll get a month free. Depending on your facilities, types of accommodation and room count (which all affect your monthly fee), this will result in decent savings per year, so we recommend choosing this payment plan.

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