Custom Development

If you need some specific functionality added to our software or certain features customized to your requirements, we would be happy to help make it happen at a very reasonable hourly rate.

Financial Systems and Point of Sale

If you need to push or pull data into your various financial systems (and the software has the necessary data endpoints), we can handle this for you. Our developers will build it based on your specific needs.

We also can help you integrate into various POS systems (in addition to our current ones). If your provider would prefer to do the development, we have a sandbox app that they can use to build the various queries.

Custom Reporting and Statistics

Although our software already has a robust set of reporting options, we would be happy to help you build some custom reports based on your use cases. They could even be sent automatically based on a schedule.

In addition to the reports, if there are certain statistics that you would like to see that are not in our software, our developers can easily add them for your property and train your staff on how to use them.

Security, CRMs and Sales Solutions

Our team has experience with LPR (license plate recognition), card door locks, biometric time and attendance systems and many more. We can help you integrate with these and push/pull data into our software.

We also can help you push/pull certain data into your CRM(s) and sales applications, and if they have an API, we can even set it up so that there is no manual exporting needed. This will be built to your specifications.

Quinn Anderson

Lead Developer

We have helped many of our clients integrate our software into their business workflow. If it is technically possible for us to write code to interface with your systems, we can make it happen. We would be happy to review your requirements and send a completely free quote for the development time and how long it will take our team.

It’s also worth mentioning that we are technically able to take on highly complex systems for our clients (think centralizing of data across multiple properties, various marketing integrations, etc.) so please don’t hesitate to contact us and talk how we can help optimize your business.

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