Privacy Policy

Our goal is to be transparent about the data collected, how we use it and the measures that we take to protect it, both when you use our website and when you are one of our customers.

info-iconWe respect your privacy, and our goal is to be completely transparent about how we use the info that we collect when you visit this website. This process of collecting data from visitors is standard practice across the web, and it operates in the same way that a brick and mortar shop may record foot traffic, the number of sales per day, what products are getting lots of attention, etc. Although we do this digitally, the end goal is the same, and we use this information to sell our hospitality software.

Website Tracking

Our site makes use of Google Analytics to track all the pages that are visited and how they are being interacted with (e.g. 10x clicks on x button). This is completely anonymous data.

Accommodation Data

Although not directly related to our website, we just want you to know that as a client, we will always safeguard the privacy of your property and the guests that stay at it.

Our Communication

When you send us your info in a form, via live chat or just a regular email, we will only use it to answer your query. Additionally, we’ll ensure it’s kept secure and private.

Platform Security

This site uses SSL encryption to keep all data in transit fully secured from prying eyes. We also keep our plugins, themes and plugins up to date and do regular security audits.

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